Intuitive & Comprehensive Risk, Collateral, and Market Data Management

Lower Costs. Adapt Faster. Improve Decision Making.

Next-generation risk technology delivers true cross-asset consolidation of market, liquidity, and credit risks. Access and process data across all your underlying critical systems in real time, when and where you need it. Built using the latest cloud technology, our actionable data fabric ensures you can visualize, analyze and manage your risk regardless of the underlying client infrastructure. Our core engines and frameworks enable real-time and batch computation, the management of users, and the consolidation of different asset classes using abstract data structures.  Our market data engine processes real-time prices, curves, and historical data, enabling our industry-leading risk engine to perform calculations and user-defined analytics across multi-asset portfolios.

Risk & Collateral Management

BlueShift is a real-time risk and collateral management platform built to optimize decision-making across your organization. Its advanced analytics engine enables fast calculation of margins and exposures, using inbuilt risk models and stress tests. The state-of-the-art computation engine excels in cross-asset risk management and is easily extensible to each trading desk and asset class.

Market Data Management

The core of the Blueshift platform is a market data management framework built on the latest cloud-native technology. Inbuilt feed handlers allow market data to be sourced, aggregated, and filtered. A library of pricing calculations and theoretical models, including out-of-the-box interest rate curves, can be augmented with client-specific analytics.