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ZeroBeta’s next-generation, cloud-native risk and market data technology delivers true cross-asset consolidation of market risk, liquidity risk, and credit risk. Access and process data across all your underlying critical systems in real time, when and where you need it. Using the latest cloud technology, our actionable data fabric ensures you can visualize, analyze, and manage your risks regardless of the underlying infrastructure.

High costs, long time-to-market, fragmented data?

A simple solution

BlueShift is a multi-asset and cloud-native platform for capital markets designed to reduce the total cost of ownership and increase capital efficiencies through real-time and true cross-asset computational capabilities.

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    Risk & collateral management

    BlueShift provides a real-time risk and collateral management platform designed to optimize decision-making across your organization. The platform’s advanced event-processing capability enables full revaluation of margins, exposures, and concentrations in real time using inbuilt valuation and risk models. On-demand functions such as stress testing, backtesting, and what-if simulations can be executed without impacting real-time processing. The state-of-the-art computation engines excel in managing cross-asset risk management and can be tailored to each business.

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    Market Data Management

    The Platform’s market data engine, built on the latest cloud-native technology, has feed handlers for leading data providers, allowing market data to be sourced, aggregated, and filtered. A library for theoretical pricing, sensitivity computations, and out-of-the-box curve construction capabilities can be augmented with client-specific models and analytics. A dissemination layer allows all data to be distributed in real-time or on-demand to the client’s ecosystem and external subscribers, as needed.

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    Clearing and Settlement

    BlueShift streamlines the clearing and settlement workflows, ensuring efficient transaction management and reduced operational risk. The platform integrates seamlessly with multiple sources for trades and provides capabilities for real-time trade novation, netting, and monitoring settlement risk. Workflows for straight-through processing of margin calls and settlement of securities and derivatives can be scheduled, reducing the need for manual intervention.

Our solutions

ZeroBeta’s technology platform is built to support the needs of market participants for both traditional and digital assets across the transaction lifecycle, giving oversight, control, and accountability in the constantly evolving regulated environment.

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FCMs, Prime Brokers, & Broker Dealers

Custodians, clearers, and brokers have a consolidated view of client risk metrics using BlueShift.

Fund Managers

Buy-side institutions can gain valuable insight into trading positions and risk using BlueShift.

Exchanges & ATSs

For Exchanges, MTFs and ATS’s, Blueshift enables fast, on-demand pre-trade risk calculations.

Clearing Houses

For clearing houses, BlueShift offers risk management on an industrial scale – built to manage the entire risk and collateral management process.

Defi & Crypto

BlueShift’s modern, flexible architecture allows alternative asset types to be integrated seamlessly into the risk framework.


Banks can use the BlueShift platform’s flexible account structure and risk model framework to manage market risk, credit risk, and liquidity risk of their portfolios.

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